Welcome to the Blog of Cuisines!

Culinary Art is an ocean. As you frisk more deeply, you get to know something much better than you did - Either you invent or you learn! 

Technological advancements have led to splendid changes in and around us on all aspects. Blogger has been one such powerful tool to share with the world, "anything and everything." 

This blog has given us immense pleasure in sharing exclusive recipes, especially those that have gained importance in tradition aspects. 

AOC blog is full of Veg Cuisines only. ;) I hope you enjoy going through the recipes posted in this blog. Do try them! 

The ingredients table and the procedure of each and every recipe is listed in bulletins for readers' convenience.

Blog readers are also welcome to come up with suggestions that can facilitate stuffs for better accessibility of the blog content.

 Feel free to contact us regarding any kind of query. Do leave a message if you liked it! 

Your feedback matters a lot to us - "Artist must be ready to accept credits as well as criticism." :D 

You can contact us over : bloggerartofcooking@gmail.com Or Submit Queries/Suggestions through "Your Space" tab.

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Thank you for visiting my space!
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