#AOC TIP4: What are the various ways to chop onions without tears?
Here are few No Onion Cry Methods!
  • Soak the Onion in water before you start dicing them. 
  •  Keep the onions in freezer for 10 minutes and then dice them. 
  •  Sit below fan / Switch on the exhaust fan so that the enzyme released from Onions is pulled away from your contact. 
  •  Use a sharp knife to chop onions. (Note: Using Sharp Knives requires Adult Supervision)
#AOC TIP3: How to get rid of the itching sensation while cutting Elephant Yam?
Applying Coconut Oil / Gingely Oil to your palms will help you in getting rid of the itching sensation.
#AOC TIP2: How to obtain a clean coconut cup without its brown skin? Here's the solution!
Keep the coconut (whole coconut with its shell) in the freezer for 2 days. Now, break the coconut. With slight pressure, try to carve out the coconut. You will get a clean coconut cup, similar to the one in the image.

 #AOC TIP 1: How to wipe of spilt oil, getting rid of the greasy texture?
 Many of us might have used moist towel to wipe off the oil. But the grease seems omnipresent. :P Try using YOGURT! Yup, this works!!

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