Friday, May 16, 2014

LEMON PICKLE / எலுமிச்சை ஊறுகாய் / नींबू का अचार

Pickles are one of the Traditional  Indian Condiment, that were made at often intervals and stored in jaadis (Porcelain container), earlier. These can be prepared using vegetables as well as fruits. I am sure all the blog readers must have enjoyed preparing dry mango pickle posted earlier. Proceeding ahead I am posting the recipe of Lemon Pickle! Pickles are generally made adding Oil. But this version of Lemon Pickle is without the use of Oil. Hence, readers very particular about using fat based stuff can feel relieved! :P I would also like to remind the readers that preserving pickle is a mammoth task than preparing the same. The more you invest time, more you gain in terms of taste!! ;) 


Lemon - 16 nos.
Dry Red Chilli (Long) - 20
Mustard - 3 tbsp
Fenugreek seeds- 2 tsp
Table Salt - 4 to 5 tbsp
Turmeric - 2 tbsp


  • Firstly, set aside about 4 lemons, for extracting lemon juice. Dice the remaining lemons into 4-6 parts, as per your convenience. Now, remove the seeds from lemons. Transfer these diced lemons to a clean container (plastic/glass). Add salt and the juice of 4 lemons as specified earlier. These lemons must be able to produce 120-150 ml (for 12 lemons) of lemon juice. So, adjust accordingly. This juice acts as a preservative to the pickle.
  • For all the three ingredients to mix well, mix them thoroughly with any dry spatula (wooden/stainless steel) OR just close the lid of the container and shake well.
  • The exact consistency is achieved when we are at ease to tear of the lemons' skin with bare hands (try using your fingers). It usually takes about 10 days for the lemons to turn soft and consistency to be arrived at. Mix this everyday (for 10 days) using clean and dry spatula. At this stage the lemon should have absorbed all the salt.
  • Sun dry Mustard, Fenugreek seeds and Dry Red chillis for about 3-4 hours OR Dry Roast all the three separately in a kadai. Mustard should be dry roasted until they start crackling, Fenugreek until they turn light maroon (Don't let it turn completely black, as they are unfit for consumption.)
  • Grind roasted Mustard (FINELY), Fenugreek seeds (FINELY) and Dry Red chillis (COARSE) separately.
  • Add these powders to the saturated lemon along with turmeric powder. Mix well with dry spatula.
You may start consuming once thoroughly mixed. For best results, let the pickle remain in the container for 4-5 days more. 

Note: Please ensure that the container as well as the spatula used to store and mix the pickle respectively are CLEAN & DRY!
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